We are Molly and Friends! - Crafters of the finest in handmade premium cat furniture the United States has to offer.

Since 1997, our efforts have made thousands of cats and their owners happy to own the best in quality cat furniture. Like anything, THERE IS a difference when it comes to choosing quality. Our secret has been simple for almost a decade - build the best to be the best. It's been a pretty straightforward code to follow, really. There is one constraint, though - we must take our time when crafting each piece and unit. Rome wasn't built in a day, and although we do build plenty of furniture pieces at our facility… you get the point!

Our Molly and Friends high standard of cat furniture excellence and craftsmanship is put into every aspect of our work. Only then can we succeed in our overall effort - to provide cat owners the affordable option when it comes to owning real quality cat furniture. Molly and Friends Handmade Premium Cat Furniture prides itself on being this option!

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